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Why are we one of the best hotels in Kampala?

But ofcourse, we are one of the 10 best hotels in Kampala to stay in. Why? We’ll give you 3 good reasons why you should choose to stay with our hotel when visiting Kampala. Location Yep. Nothing beats this. Are you visiting Kampala for business? Are you visiting Kampala for leisure? Either way, we are

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Why Choose Us?

There are probably a hundred different hotels you could choose to stay in when in Kampala. So why stay with us? Keep reading, we’ll tell you why 🙂 We create a homely atmosphere “Each room is a suite” What makes us unique and different from other hotels is that our rooms are designed differently. Each

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Where to stay in Kampala

One of the most important questions you’ll have when visiting Kampala is where to stay in Kampala? Kampala is a city built on hills and there are various areas in Kampala where you could stay depending on what you are looking to do in Kampala and your budget. Visiting Kampala city as a tourist If

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